Snare drums are the most important drums in your kit. If you are planning to buy snare drums, then you have a variety of options to choose from. Buying snare drums can be challenging, and you need to make a choice. You should make sure that you buy durable drums to make sure that you don’t have to keep buying new drums all the time. The drums you buy should also be able to give you quality sound. You need to buy drums that will be able to reveal your talent in playing drums. The drums you buy will determine the sound that will be produced.

Buying snare drums

Customized snare drums

You buy custom snare drums and get the sound effect that you want. There are drum suppliers that you able to make the necessary adjustments to give you the type of drums that you want. The drums that you use will bring a uniqueness to the type of music that you play and this is important for every serious drummer.


Type of shell

When choosing snare drums, you have to choose between the wood and metal share. We cannot say that one shell is superior to the other. It all comes down to preference, and they type of sound that you would like to achieve at the end of the day. Wood shells are known to produce a crack-like sound while metal shells are popular with their brash and pop-like sound. Before making any choice, take a moment and determine the kind of music that you play. This will make it easy when choosing the shell for your snare drums.

Size and depth of the drums

The sizes and the depth of the drums are also important when making a choice. The most popular type of drums have a diameter of 14 inches, and they are 5 – 6.5 inches deep. These drums are popular because they can produce the modern sound for all music genres. However, we still have 13-inch diameter drums that are 7 inches deep that produce a deeper sound.


Strands and strainers

Strands and strainers are an important part of your snare drums. More strands mean that the drums will produce a fatter sound. However, the kind of sound produced is determined by the strainers adjustments. You can always adjust them until you get the sound effect that you want.