Why Keto Diet Has Become Very Popular Among Celebrities

low carb diet

For several years now health diets have been the new fad. There are many types of diets that people took, but the one that took celebrities by storm is the ketogenic diet. This type of diet has been praised by the top athletes, and even tough navy soldiers have sworn to it. The ketogenic diet is a diet rich in fat but very low in carbohydrates. It is meant to reduce the carbohydrates taken by the body to burn fats very effectively when the body reaches the ketosis state. Fat is usually turned into ketones in the liver hence providing energy to the brain as well. Here is why keto diet has become very popular among celebrities.

Benefits of ketogenic diet

Lowers insulin levels in the body

When the body reaches the ketosis stage, it causes insulin levels to reduce which is great to those people who have been diagnosed with diabetes type 2 since they have nothing to worry about when it comes to excess blood sugar. The main advantage of lower insulin levels is growth hormones can now be released into the human body.low carbohydrates diet

Controls hunger levels

Decreased appetite is as a result of ketosis which makes the body to function using the high fat, low carbs, and high protein. Increased intake of carbohydrates is known to cause one to feel hungry more often. This makes it not necessary to eat at regular intervals when one is on the keto diet.

Aids in weight loss

Weight loss is a major benefit of this type of diet. This is because this diet helps the body in using fats as a source of energy. When one consumes carbohydrates and uses them as a source of energy for the body when the carbohydrates run out or are not consumed makes one feel carbohydrate cravings.

Lowers blood pressure

Keto diet plays a major role in reducing blood pressure. However, anyone on medication for treating anything related to blood pressure needs to consult their doctor first before taking this diet. If one is given the go-ahead to go on with the diet, then their dependency on blood pressure medication will be reduced.

Lowers inflammation and cholesterol

When on a keto diet, one consumes fewer carbs. This is beneficial as it reduces the load carbs consumption may place in the arteries. This has also led to a reduction in inflammation as well. Cholesterol levels in the blood drop when the glucose levels go down.

Increase in the brain function

A high carbohydrate diet in most of the times makes the brain foggy. The Ketogenic diet affects increased functions of the brain including memory and even thinking clearly.

Better gut health

keto dietReduced consumption of sugar and other carbohydrates leads to an improvement in the general health of the gut. This has also been attributed to decreased gas and bloating.

Before starting this diet, it is necessary that one first gets their blood tests done and even their cholesterol levels known. Remember that if your commitment diminishes and you find yourself adhering to the diet in an irregular manner you’ll likely never reach a state of true ketosis. One should also not use this diet for extended periods of time unless they are under the supervision of a health expert.